menumodo - QR codes for contactless menus

Contactless Menus for Safer Dining


Diners want to feel secure eating out again.
Increase comfort levels for your guests, make them feel safer by avoiding printed menus.

Diners scan a QR code to view menus and to select dishes on their own devices.
Then they place their order with the waitstaff, keeping the dining experience personal,
like it was before
but safer.

Contactless menus - QR
  • diners scan the menu QR code
  • view the menu on their own device
  • save the order ready for tableside ordering
QR codes menu - menu list

menu list

QR codes menu - menu display - Select dishes

menu display – select dishes

QR codes menu - favorites list

Favorites list

Fast Set Up – Easy Steps:

  • 1. Request a menumodo account
  • 2. Key your menus as digital content
  • 3. Download and print the QR code
  • 4. Place on your restaurant tables
  • 5. Guests scan code and access on their own device

Change to a menu? No problem – just edit the menu in on your menumodo dashboard and the changes display immediately be accessible with the same QR code.


Customization Options:
  • section photos in digital menus
  • photos with menu items
  • social media links

For Hotels:

  • QR-code Digital Room Directory
  • personalized welcome screen

Innovation for the "New Normal"

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