Smart Account Dashboard

Straightforward Implementation

Flexible Display

Customizable Design

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User-friendly Account Dashboard for all content management

Multiple methods can be combined to add menus
  • Upload existing content as PDF files
  • Enter menus as data for full responsiveness
  • Enter text as HTML
Smart features
  • Expiry dates for special events (e.g. Valentine’s Day) to automatically remove menus after the event
  • Dietary information with filters for preferences and allergens
  • Manage and display menus in multiple languages
  • Enhance content with images and logos
menumodo - User friendly Account Dashboard
Easy to use dashboard


Implementation methods

Choose between plug-in widgets or implement with custom code
  • menumodo widgets
    Plugin JavaScript widgets to display content on any website as embed or in a light box.
  • menumodo URLs
    Use a URL to link to the content in a display of your choice

Display Options

Flexible options for menus and hotel content

Multiple options to display menus or other content – use the option that best suits your requirements

  • Menus
    • all menus displayed together for a restaurant
    • one specific menu displayed alone
    • open on a specific menu with all menus in the display
    • a list of the menus available for a restaurant
  • Hotels
    • all venues and menus in a hotel in one display
    • a set of customizable buttons for separate areas in a hotel – Restaurants, Bars, Meetings, Spa, Weddings etc.

Design Options

All displays can be customized to match any website design

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Button design
  • Options to show/hide reservation links, logos, download option


Full Support available

  • Dashboard training
  • Email support with 24hr turnaround
  • Design and Implementation recommendations
  • Advice for IT teams and web developers

menumodo is smart and flexible!

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