Content managed in menumodo can be integrated on websites in a variety of ways.
Menus can be accessed by including a URL – customized with display options and implemented with custom coding by customers’ web designers.

Alternatively, menumodo widgets can be used for the simplest and quickest implementation.
menumodo can customize the buttons and displays from widgets to suit all website styles.
The widgets are designed to reduce effort and cost involved in updating online content.

All widgets are optimized for desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Button widget options

We offer a range of button widgets to suit all types of websites. All widgets open menus in a lightbox.

Single button widget

These widgets display all menus in a venue with one single click.
There are two options:

  • Static button – displaying consistently. This is most frequently used for hotel and restaurant websites.
  • Dynamic button – displays only when at least one active menu exists. This is practical for websites listing multiple venues, simplifying implementation and ongoing maintenance.

A) Single button opening all menus

B) Single button opening on a specific menu

C) Single button opening a single menu

Multi-button widget

This widget will include a button for all menus in a venue – but only for those with a valid menu.

D) Multiple buttons to display menus




Embed menu display

Customers might prefer to embed the menus onto an existing or on a dedicated menu page. This will display all menus in a venue. Embedded menus are a good option for menus in data format, as the content will be fully responsive.

E) Embed menu display – all menus

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