Show all menus with one click, open all menus on a specific menu, display a single menu or to use a set of buttons – one for each menu.
The menu display can be added to a website using the menumodo plugin display codes (lightbox or embed options) or by a URLs in a new browser window or your own lightbox/embed code.
The examples below are shown using the menumodo plugin code, lightbox option.

A) Single button opening all menus

B) Single button opening on a specific menu

C) Single button opening a single menu

D) multiple buttons to display menus

a button for each menu, opening the menus in a light box using the menumodo widget code

The following are to illustrate the menumodo plugin code, embed option embed all menus or a single menu on the webpage using the menumodo widget code

E) Embed menu display – all menus

F) Embed menu display – single menu

  • Need Your Password?

Enter the username associated with your account to have your password sent to the email address on file.

  • Need Your Password?

Password was sent to you...

  • Need Your Username?

Enter the email address associated with your account to have your username sent to you.

  • Need Your Username?

Username was sent to you...